The border between Russia and Latin America is in Sunny Isles?

Sunny Isles condos have always been a hot commodity.  Sunny Isles Florida is an area that has gone through many transformations since it was first founded by a real estate speculator in 1920.  Even back then, this little piece of paradise by the ocean was one of the most desirable areas in Miami.  Of course back in 1920, this was nothing more than a place to take a day trip to the beach, but it was a premier destination for this type of activity.  In the 1950’s, the hotel industry found Sunny Isles beach and started building a multitude of two story motels that provided a place to get away and relax while on vacation.

Sunny Isles CondosHowever, Miami realtors will now tell you that in the last 15 years, this area has become known as “little Moscow”.  The reason for this ethnic title is due to the great influx of Russian investors who took a liking to the area, and have been steadily buying up all of the Sunny Isles condos that they could find.

Unlike apartments in South Beach, or Brickell condos, this community of just fewer than fourteen thousand people enjoys the tight knit small town feel.  However, like all things, times are changing, again.

At one point, many Latin American visitors to the Miami area were only interested in purchasing a Miami condominium.  They only wanted to purchase their second home in an area where the “action” was.  They wanted to live in the “Times Square” of South Beach.  They had no real interest in Sunny Isles condos or any other known ethnic area.  However, these days Sunny Isles is a hot topic.  Many Miami realtors have told this author that many of their visitors from Argentina and Venezuela are now requesting to see Sunny Isles condos and the surrounding Sunny Isles Beach community.

Venezuelans, Argentineans, and Brazilians see this ethnicity as a positive.  They have been enjoying the hospitality that their Russian neighbors have been providing.  There has been a number of Latin-Russian fusion restaurants opening up and providing the best of both worlds in gourmet dining experiences.

Sunny Isles condos also provide much in the way of a safer investment.  Since there is such a plethora of buyers from the Russia and other Baltic States, one should have no problem finding a buyer if and when you decide to sell your apartment.

Sunny Isles condos provide a fantastic opportunity to live in paradise.  It provides the ability to enjoy dining and shopping experiences from two other continents, all from this community of Miami.  Take advantage while the opportunity lasts.  Visit and allow our team of professional Miami realtors’ assists you in exploring this community of waterfront homes in Miami.

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