The City Of Miami Has Approved Plans To Restore The Marine Stadium

The Miami Marine Stadium is a stadium on Virginia Key in Miami that was once home to some of the country’s premier power boat racing pre hurricane andrew era. This marvel of historic miami architecture once housed a plethora of sporting events from boat races to boxing and more. In the aftermath of hurricane andrew the stadium was deemed an unsafe building and forced to close its doors.

Fast forward a few years and an organization called Friends of the Miami Marine Stadium has emerged to try and preserve and resurrect the stadium to its once glorious nature. Seeing extreme potential for the city of miami in this project the friends vigoriously started working on raising money and awareness to bring the stadium back into the light.

On Thursday, July 12th the city of Miami has given the friends approval to the site plan to restore this venue and reinvigorate a once forgotten edge of the city. We couldn’t be anymore excited!

Find out more about the project here.


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