Why Buy Vintage When You Can Buy New?

From 2005 through the crash of the real estate market in 2008, developers in South Florida built over 49,000 condo units.  As the inventory of these apartments for sale in Miami begins to shrink, the developers have jumped back into the foray and are once again building.  This leads to the inevitable question, should I buy a Miami condominium that is already built or choose from the large selection of pre-construction projects that are under development?

vintage condo in mimai

When evaluating this decision, the most glaring variable that comes to into focus is that all of the units that were built between 2005 and 2008 are already between five and eight years old.  In terms of the apartments for sale in Miami, those designed in this last real estate boom are not considered old, comparatively speaking.  Many of the Brickell condos are between ten and 15 years old, or older.  However, when deciding, you must take more into account then just age.

There are many factors that must be evaluated when making a decision on which Miami condominium to purchase.  The buyer must evaluate the developer who brought the concept to life, the builder who actually built the project, and the technology that was incorporated into the building.  These factors are essential when making your decision.  While the developers and builders generally remain the same in a given market, the technology advances year over year.

Currently, Sunny Isles Condos are being designed with the latest technological advancements.  For example, the Porsche Design Tower has incorporated an robotic elevator which literally picks up your vehicle and places it onto an elevator.  This elevator then rises up to your full floor apartment and deposits your vehicle in your garage in the sky.

Not to be outdone, one of the Brickell condos, the development called Brickell House, is similarly being designed with a robotic garage system.  All of these apartments for sale are now featuring the latest in technology for communications, satellite, and Internet connectivity.  However, the one concept that many buildings of the past do not have is a social element.

The purchaser of a Miami condominium or Brickell condo will have many new social opportunities available to them.  This is because many of the projects under development are now mixed-use projects.  For example, the Brickell House is one of the Brickell condos that has already signed a lease with the restaurant called the Meat Market.  This South Beach stalwart will be opening in the Lobby of this luxury high-rise tower.

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